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Logosophia Announces a Major Literary Publication Event:

Collected Works of

Fitz Hugh Ludlow

Edited by Donald P. Dulchinos

and Stephen Crimi

Available Now!

Volumes 1-4

Volumes 5-7 Coming Soon

Official Pub Date November 26th

Free Shipping Until December 26th!

Fitz Hugh Ludlow was a remarkable and woefully under-appreciated 19th century American—a New York man of letters, a Western traveler, a progressive, a bohemian, an advocate for opium addicts and an addict himself. His breakthrough hashish memoirs are an easy Yankee match to De Quincey, but he also produced glorious nature and travel writing, as well as curious science essays and some stories marked with the weird and wonderful. Logosophia has done a great service to American literature by ushering Ludlow back in print and, hopefully, back into the limelight.

Erik Davis, author of Nomad Codes:

Adventures in Modern Esoterica and host of the Expanding Mind podcast.

For the first time the complete writings of Fitz Hugh Ludlow (1836-1870) will be available in one set, including his major fiction and non-fiction work, each volume edited, introduced and contextualized. Ludlow is a forgotten master of prose writing from, and about, a mid 19th century America full of volatility, destiny, and a new sense of its own erudition. The editors hope this collection helps return Ludlow to his rightful place of importance in the history of American letters. These will be sublimely  beautiful hard cover editions with the original accompanying illustrations.

See our “Collected Works of Fitz Hugh Ludlow”

page for purchase info

Fitz Hugh Ludlow (1836-1870)

Vol 1. The Hasheesh Eater—376p;                          $32

The classic, visionary best-seller.

Vol 2. The Heart of the Continent—674p;                $43

Ludlow’s account of his cross-country stagecoach ride and contact           

with the incipient Mormon settlement in Utah.

Vol 3. Genre-Tales and the Alcohol Novels—828p;    $49

His original anthology of novellas, plus three serialized novels on the                    hemes of alcohol use and abuse.

Vol 4. The Complete Short Stories—916p;                 $49

From Harper’s Monthly and other magazines of the New York literary scene, with close observations of 19th century urban life.

Vol 5. Opium, the Arts and America—820p;            $49

Essays, literary criticism and travel writing, plus Ludlow’s later writings on the treatment of opium addiction.

Vol 6. The Overland Trip: Brigham Young to Mark Twain—            480p;       $38

Contemporary dispatches of travels and encounters from Missouri to the Pacific Coast.

Vol 7. Pioneer of Inner Space: The Life of Fitz Hugh Ludlow,

with Collected Letters and Poetry—708p;                $45

Updated edition of Dulchinos’ acclaimed Ludlow biography.


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